Area Asphalt Services
Area Asphalt Services
Area Asphalt Paving Contractor Fond du Lac WI

Commercial & Residential Asphalt Paving Services

Since 1985, Area Asphalt believes that offering our customers the “One Stop Shop Advantage” is important, so whatever your asphalt needs are, one call gets it taken care of, and there is no need to shop around. - - Jerry Hernandez

Asphalt Paving

Asphalt Paving Services Wisconsin

We provide commercial and residential asphalt paving throughout southeastern Wisconsin. Asphalt paving can be for driveways, parking lots, roads, etc.

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Sealcoating & Maintenance

Sealcoating and Asphalt Maintenance Services Wisconsin

Asphalt seal coating will provide protect your asphalt sufaces from damage caused by oil, gas, weather, oxidation and other types of damage.

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Asphalt Patchwork/Repairs

Asphalt Patching and Repairs Wisconsin

When your asphalt surface needs repaired don't waste time, it is important to repair your asphalt surface quickly to prevent further damage.

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Municipal Asphalt Services

Municipal Asphalt Services Wisconsin

Every year Wisconsin winter does it's damage and leaves our roadways and other asphalt surfaces in dire need of repairs.

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Success through Diversification

The phrase “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” may best describe the approach and philosophy Area Asphalt Inc. has used to survive and succeed in the asphalt paving and maintenance business for the past 27 years, through both good and slow economic times.

we provide all types of asphalt repair services including asphalt driveways, parking lots, walkways, roads, commercial asphalt surfaces and residential asphalt surfaces. It is important to repair your asphalt surfaces as quickly as you can. This can reduce the amount of asphalt surface that will be damaged, if needed.

Company Information

Started in 1985 by company president Jerry Hernandez, Area Asphalt is a family owned business located just south of Fond du Lac in the small community of Eden.

In the beginning Area Asphalt relied on 1 or 2 employees and mainly focused on seal coating residential driveways and small commercial parking lots throughout Fond du Lac County. “As our work load and customer base grew, so did the need to offer our customers more asphalt related services, and the need to hire more quality hard working employees” says Hernandez. Some of the first services we added were hot rubberized crack filling and asphalt patchwork.

In 2013 Area Asphalt will enter its 28th season, and has grown to become the areas only “Full Service Asphalt Contractor”. Our services include quality asphalt paving and seal coating, asphalt patchwork, hot rubberized crack filling, line striping, grading, asphalt milling, excavating and site work, trucking and we also do snow plowing in the winter months.

We have a full maintenance program for our customers with existing asphalt surfaces, and for those in need of a new asphalt driveway or parking lot, we can complete their project from start to finish also. We believe in offering our customers the "One Stop Shop Advantage". Whatever their asphalt needs may be, one call gets it taken care of for them, and there is no need to shop around.

Company president Jerry Hernandez says “Area Asphalt employs 10 full time employees including office staff, and adds 3-4 seasonal employees during the busy summer months. Many of our employees have been on the job for 10 or more years giving us a lot of experience on every job we perform, and they all take pride in the jobs they do.” On any given day an Area Asphalt crew can be seen seal coating a driveway or parking lot, filling a pot hole or repairing a roadway, paving a small residential driveway or overlaying a large commercial parking lot and we are proud of the fact that our crews are able to do all these jobs at the high quality level we expect.

Asphalt Customer Relationships

Over the years Area Asphalt Inc. has built relationships with, and done work for thousands of residential customers, hundreds of commercial and industrial businesses, and most municipalities and school districts throughout Fond du Lac and surrounding counties. Area Asphalt is a proud member of the FDL Area Chamber of Commerce and has attained an A+ rating with the Wisconsin Better Business Bureau.

Area Asphalt has built a great reputation for quality products and reliable service and relies heavily on its' customers for word of mouth advertising. We also use newspaper ads and the yellow pages and can be found on the web at

We have listened to our customers, and diversified our services to meet all of their asphalt needs says Hernandez, and we have been able to maintain a high quality level in the products and services we provide.

As a business owner, I look to the future with complete optimism, and truly believe that opportunities will always be there for those willing to work hard and take advantage of them when they come along.

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