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FAQ's for Asphalt Paving and Repairs

How to get the right asphalt contractor for your job?

• Never contract a job on impulse. No matter how good of reason or “today only” bargain seems to be, always take time to think it over.

• Avoid the old “left-over materials” line. Beware if someone stops by and says they have some material left over from another job and offer you a great deal right now.

• Beware of jobs priced by units. Bids quoted by the ton or gallon are usually rip-offs waiting to happen. Get a firm bid in writing for the total cost.

• Beware of non–local and out of state contractors. There are plenty of reputable local contractors for customers to choose from.

• Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Know exactly what you are getting, and what you are paying for it.

Weather’s role in the life of your asphalt

• To say that the weather patterns of the last few years have been a bit crazy would be quite the understatement.

• The weather has been rather off-season; from the heavy rains and near flood conditions of spring, to prolonged dry cool weather of our summers. We have seen fall give us perfect weather conditions; only to end the year with a winter that gives us continual freezing and thawing conditions with no significant snow.

• Weather conditions will definitely play a role in the life span of your asphalt.

• When we have wet spring weather the ground tends to get saturated with too much water. This will cause the base and sub-base under you asphalt to become soft, and unable to sufficiently support the asphalt surface above, which can cause cracking or settling.

• Prolonged dry summer weather will dry out your base and sub-base, making it brittle thus making your asphalt surface more susceptible to cracking. The sun's rays will also dry out and oxidize your asphalt making it brittle also.

• Winters’ continual freezing and thawing will surely test your asphalt’s flexibility, and it is during these periods where we will experience areas that will settle or heave caused by frost movement in the ground.

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