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Parking Lot Evaluation and Management Service

Over the years we have discovered that one of the best ways for property owners and managers to get the most out of their asphalt maintenance budgets, was to have, both a short term and long term plan in place for the care of their asphalt surfaces.

We all know that by maintaining your asphalt on a regular basis you will extend the life of your asphalt surface, thus saving you money. But we feel by regularly evaluating your surface and putting a management plan in place, we can help you save even more money, by taking care of the small problems before they become big expenses, and help you get the most out of your maintenance dollars.

The best thing is that our Parking Lot Evaluation & Management Service is offered to you ABSOLUTLEY FREE!

Here is how our system works:

Site Inspection:

Each evaluation begins with an in person meeting with the property owner or manager to address both immediate concerns and long term goals for the property.

We take on site measurements, make note of the present condition of the surface, mark and take digital photos of the areas of concern, and also provide you with sketches and drawings.


Once we have gathered our information, we will put together an Evaluation Report, which will represent the findings of our on site inspection. The Evaluation Report will be used in determining the strategy for our Maintenance Plan.

Maintenance Plan:

In the Maintenance Plan we will address both the areas of immediate concern, and the long term strategy for properly maintaining the asphalt pavement for a longer life. We will make our recommendations for repairs and maintenance both in terms of cost and long term effectiveness.


We will provide property owner or manager with a detailed bid for the costs of the repairs and maintenance. Upon acceptance of the bid the work will be scheduled and preformed.

Follow Up:

We will do an annual follow up to monitor the effectiveness of the Maintenance Plan.


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